(The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)

Margaret Liu, the director of Cambridge Academy of Music, was appointed by ABRSM to the Representative post for Georgia and Florida USA in April 1997 and January 2019 respectively. Currently, over 7,600 students have taken the practical exam and over 4,200 students have taken the theory exam in her region.

The ABRSM graded examinations are open to candidates of all ages. Practical examinations are held twice each year. An ABRSM examiner from the United Kingdom will visit our local center for the examination. Practical examinations are available for 35 instruments, including piano, voice, organ, strings, woodwinds, brass, harp, etc. Candidates play 3 pieces (memorization not required), required technical skills, sight-read, and take an aural skills test. Candidates perform privately before an ABRSM examiner and receive an assessment report, and certificate. Assessments begin with an introductory Preparatory Test which is followed by the graded examinations. These start with Grade 1 and are numbered progressively in order of difficulty to Grade 8. Beyond Grade 8 are the professional diploma levels - ARSM, DipABRSM, LRSM and FRSM. Subjects for the diploma program include Performance, Teaching, and Conducting. Grade 1 to 8 written theory examinations are held 3 times each year

Established in 1889 in the United Kingdom, the ABRSM exams are the most popular assessment program in the world. Currently, 650,000 students in 90 countries test themselves against the Board's internationally recognized standards. There are currently 20 examination centers throughout the U.S. The ABRSM Exam Center in Georgia was established in the fall of 1996, with the first exam in December of that year.